About the book

I hated school. I wasn’t the best elementary student, either—pulling kids’ pants down at the ripe age of ten. I classified my extracurricular activities as “terrible accidents.” You can imagine the problems I had with my parents.

But honestly, the only conflict that ever arose between me and my parents was school-related. My father was a doctor, and my mother a teacher, so I never felt like they understood my complete and utter boredom. Nothing excited me or thrilled me. And most of all, I didn’t feel like anything was worth putting my mind to. Certainly not at school.

I wasn’t a bad kid, but the dean and nuns at the school I attended believed otherwise.

“Your son is the spawn of Satan,” the dean explained to my mother over the phone.

By the pensive expression on my mom’s face, she was processing his news.

“We are going to have to expel your son until further notice. He is a criminal and you should really consider taking him to a shrink.”

This book is about my childhood, my college dropout, entrepreneurship, romantic relationship, and cancer-fighting.