This autobiography is brimming with real, bold, arduous, and funny situations from the author’s life. Hamza speaks openly about his tech business experience and his romantic and drug lives, as well as his unorthodox battle with cancer, much like that of Muhammad Ali or Tyson Fury. A view-changing book for entrepreneurs, dropouts, and anyone who needs to stop thinking and start doing. Be among the early birds and get your book now.

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Hamza is a 35-year autodidact tech serial entrepreneur who started his first business at the early age of 17. He dropped out of college at 21, became ICANN accredited at 24, attended the World Economic Forum at 25, and went to Harvard at 26 and Hajj and Burning Man at 27. He got married at 28, with a baby girl on the way at 29, and he fought through Cancer before 30.

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